Episode 6_Childproof_Tony Martin_Postcard

Episode 6 | Baby Fever

Ian and Jennifer assist with a home birth and, with their jobs in jeopardy, consider a lucrative offer […]

Episode 4_Childproof_Podcast_Postcard

Episode 4 | Child Labour

Ian finds himself competing with the work experience kid, while Jennifer pretends to have a foster child in […]

Episode 3_A Long Weekend_Childproof Podcast_Postcard

Episode 3 | A Long Weekend

Ian and Jennifer are forced to look after three young children over a long and increasingly disastrous Anzac […]

Episode 1_Childproof Podcast_Enter the Kids_Postcard

Episode 1 | Bring the Kids

Ian and Jennifer, a happily childfree couple, don’t fit in at work, where family values are ascendant, or […]